Friday, December 17, 2010

December 23, 1998

I called my husband to tell him I was heading home.  I worked for a chain of stores, and I was in Mackinaw City that day.  "Well, get here as soon as you can, okay?" he said.  I rolled my eyes, it was a two hour drive home, and he knew it.  "When you get home we need to go pick up your christmas present."

Matt, my husband, and I were recently back together after a separation.  We had been married for a little less than three years, and had a two year old son.  He was pretty unpredictable, so who knew what he was planning.   As I drove home that day, I kept trying to figure out what this christmas present could be.

When I pulled into the driveway, he was outside waiting for me.  "Ready?"

"Umm.... I guess," I responded.  Confused.  "What about JR?"

"Mom will watch him."

Matt's mom was visiting from Saline, MI.  She came and stayed with us pretty often.

Matt and I hopped in his truck and headed out.  "Where are we going?" I asked.

"Irons",  he said.

Where the hell was Irons?  I grabbed the map, and realized it was going to take over an hour to get there.  I was pretty annoyed at this point,  Didn't I do enough driving today?  I kept asking questions, trying to figure out what this "christmas gift"was going to be.  Eventually, after dark, we arrived at a log cottage.  I was really confused by now.

"Wait here", he said, and got out of the truck.  I watched as he went to the door and knocked.  An older blonde lady opened the door and they chatted for a bit.  He pointed to the truck, and she waved at me to come in.  What the hell is going on?  I was really annoyed at this point.

I got out, and trudged through the snow to the front porch of the cottage.  As I got to the door, the lady greeted me warmly and introduced herself as Kay.  She invited us in, and I was immediately greeted by the prettiest female chocolate lab.  "This is their mom", she said.

Their mom?  I looked at Matt, finally understanding.  A PUPPY??  She led us down a hallway into a room with a penned area, where two large chocolate lab puppies were playing.  "I just have the two boys left."

I sat and played with both puppies, while Matt and Kay chatted.  After about fifteen minutes, they both looked at me.  "Which one?", Matt asked.

There was one that seemed crazy, climbing all over me, interested in everything.  Then the other one was so sweet and mellow.  I picked up the sweet and mellow one.  "This one."

"No... I want the other one.  We will take him", Matt said.  I tried to argue, but he wasn't going to listen to me.  And I didn't push it, because either way I was getting a dog and that did make me happy.  "Hey Les, did you bring the check book?"

Great... I get to write the check for my christmas present too!

We drove home with a very squirmy three month old chocolate lab puppy bouncing back and forth between us.  Luckily, we got back into town just before 9pm, so we were able to breeze through Petsmart to pick up some puppy basics.  And the entire time we went back and forth on names for the little guy...who really wasn't so little.  Just as we pulled into the driveway, I came up with the perfect name.  I looked at Matt and said, "His name is Magnum."  And for a three month old, 35 pound "puppy".... it really was perfect.

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