Friday, December 17, 2010

The first few months...

The first few months with Magnum were not fun.  In fact, there were many days I was tempted to "accidentally" leave a door open so he would just go away!  He was hyper beyond belief.  If he wasn't jumping on me, he was chasing or knocking JR, my two year old son, over.  He chewed on everything, too.  I had a beautiful brown leather Brighton purse, he decided to chew the straps right off of it.  He loved remote controls, too.  He must have eaten, destroyed, whatever... at least five remote controls!

As much as I couldn't stand him at the time, I did love him.  And if he destroyed something, I always prayed that I would be the one who found it, and not Matt.  Just like our parenting views, our dog parenting was vastly different as well.  If I came home to the destruction, Magnum would get his nose rubbed in it, with a stern "bad dog".... and no positive attention would be given to him for awhile.  But if Matt came home to it, the poor dog would get kicked and punched.  Matt's treatment towards Magnum was abusive to say the least.  But I tried to protect him as much as possible, and finally Matt gave up on him.  "He's your dog, you deal with it", became his phrase.  That was music to my ears!

Magnum was an AKC registered Labrador.  And in those first few months, I actually took him to a dog show.  We placed second in conformation in the puppy class.  I was really excited, but realized that being a dog show kind of person was just not for me.  Magnum was a family dog.

He was still a crazy, hyper dog for most of the first summer.  Then one day, suddenly, he stopped jumping on me.  He would follow me and whine.  I couldn't figure out what was wrong with him.  Friends would come over, and he would go crazy with them.  But suddenly his attitude towards me changed.  About a month after this sudden change, I realized I was pregnant.  Did Magnum sense that I was pregnant so much sooner than I did?  He must have!

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